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Thinking about getting one of those oil jobs widely advertised today, but you seem to always end up disappointed? Check and see whether you are making one of these top five mistakes to avoid when applying for oil gas jobs:

Mistake No. 1: Not applying at the right time
Oil jobs are oftentimes seasonal. For example, many oil companies operate their drilling rigs only during winter season, when the ground is frozen and easier to drill. Offshore oil jobs in the north are also seasonal. You can increase your chances of landing into the job if you time it right. Ask around to know which season is high time for the company you wish to join.

Mistake No. 2: Directly applying to big companies
Are you applying directly to big companies like Shell or Petron? If you are, then you are most likely in for some disappointment. Today, most large oil companies outsource their oil rigs. This means that they hire smaller offshore companies and contractors for drilling rig operations. This also means that you should apply in these smaller drilling companies for bigger chances of getting a job.

Mistake No. 3: Not having the right skills and experience
Oil jobs and drilling needs a lot of physical strength and require a lot of training. If you are not skilled in the area or if you don't have any experience, things can be a little tougher for you. However, if you have skills that prove you to be tough and self-sufficient, make sure to emphasize it in your resume and during the interview so you can increase your chances of getting the job.

Mistake No. 4. Not having the right expectations
Yes, oil jobs and rig jobs pay high. However, there are certain unique characteristics in this type of employment. First of all, there may be times when you have to work night shifts. Most rigs operate only for a few weeks, and shifts are usually rotated. You may have six weeks on the job, and the next six weeks are off. You may be also required to work even with extreme weather conditions; you may battle snow or work under the scorching heat, depending on your rig location and season. You have to manage your expectations well, and convince your employer that you can handle these challenges and more, so you can get the job.

Mistake No. 5. You may be a foreigner seeking offshore oil jobs.
If you are a foreigner and would like to get hired, things can be doubly hard for you - that is, unless the company specifically accepts customers in the position. In many locations where oil boom has been extended, there is almost always shortage of accommodation. If there are ever places to stay, the rent can be very expensive. You can't expect your employer to provide you accommodation. Note though that some job openings for oil jobs specifically call for foreign applicants - so make sure you are applying for the right job positions.

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