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Oil gas jobs have its advantages and disadvantages - just like every other job there is. The mark of a truly successful career is when one focuses mainly on the pros, and disregards the cons. But what are the positive and negative aspects of working in the well-sought oil industry? And are the pros well worth it? Let us find out.

The Pros of Oil Rig Jobs
1. Very lucrative pay
It is undeniable that oil gas jobs are among the most well-paying jobs today. Despite the bad economy, the oil industry has managed to stay on top of its league as oil demand continues to rise. Plus, considering the fact that you work offshore most of the time, your pay is hiked up to a high percentage than any other job you can do on land. The salary for rig jobs range from $50,000 a year to up to $250,000 plus bonuses here and there.

2. Potential for career growth
Oil gas jobs are one of those industries that will give you a good career prospect. With dedication, hard work and considerable amount of patience, as you get trained for bigger and better things, you will find yourself slowly moving up the ladder before you know it.

3. Excellent working hours
Working hours when you have oil gas jobs are just right. You only have to put in eight hours a day, or 40 hours per week. There might be irregular work shifts, but you are given enough time to relax, unwind and even spend time with your family.

4. Ties with colleagues
In an oil rig, you usually see the same faces almost every day. You see them quite often that it is virtually impossible not to establish close ties with your colleagues.

The Cons of Oil Rig Jobs
1. Away from civilization and family
Most oil gas jobs would require that you live offshore for several weeks to even months. The locations are usually remote and provincial, with communication lines not always open. This means that you would have to live away from your family and friends; and that you will have to find yourself comfort through companionship with colleagues.

2. Cramped space and living
Living quarters in oil rigs are not exactly spacious. You are given quarters that are usually cramped, and most of the time you will need to share a room with one or a few others. This brings about other disadvantages including lack of privacy. You have to share everything with your colleagues - yes, including that bar of soap.

But do the pros of oil gas jobs outweigh the cons? Given the choice, would you sacrifice a few weeks or months for a high-paying job that promises great growth and future? Most people definitely would. It doesn't take long to get accustomed to the cons of rig jobs. Besides, good things come to those who work hard, right? And when the earnings start coming in - well, that's when you know for sure that you indeed made the right decision.

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